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The webmaster at St. Ethelreda is William Krieger. This is a bit dated (cough), but here is some technical information on the creation of our web site: Creating www.sthethelreda.org and more

Old web pages from previous school years can be found at our Archive Page.

Please report any problems with the site to wkrieger@stethelreda.org.

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A very special thank you to Bellingham Christian School. Their website was an inspiration for many of the elements of our site. In my humble opinion, Bellingham's is one of the best elementary school websites that I've seen. Judge for yourself: www.bellinghamchristianschool.org.

I originally found Bellingham when the school was in the news earlier this year. Their principal announced an unusual day off of school: “To celebrate an exceptionally nice day of the spring season, to promote positive school culture and just for fun, Bellingham Christian School has decided to cancel school due to good weather.” Excellent!

St. Ethelreda warmly thanks the providers of a number of software tools we use in this site and at the school. Here is a partial list:

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