Discover the Difference
Know that your child is loved and protected in a school that cares as much as you

Providing a safe haven at school is more important than ever for children today. We look out for your child’s well-being. And we create a peaceful and productive to learn and grow.

Code of Conduct - Students are encouraged to treat staff and fellow students with love, dignity, and respect. Any display of disrespectful behavior is discouraged and used as a learning experience for the student.

Closed, Secure Campus - Visitors are welcomed at the door before entering the building. Students only leave school grounds for field trips or other approved activities. All children are supervised and protected by our caring and attentive staff at all times.

Three o’clock Prayer - At the end of each day, the entire school prays for the protection and safety of our precious students with this heartfelt prayer:

“Lord, please keep our children safe
From the dangers of our streets as they leave at 3 o’clock.
Protect them every hour of the day.
Help them know your love and security
So they can realize their full potential.

Window seats in the classroom