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Sep 2013 - Eagles Forever!

Welcome from Principal Spells Principal Spells

The 2013-14 school year at St. Ethelreda School has gotten off to a roaring start! This year's students are very promising young people, indeed. As an alumnus, I hope you'll follow the achievements of this year's group at our website and/or Facebook page.

We started having alumni reunion parties at St. Ethelreda just a few years ago. These gatherings have very quickly become special events for our school. Our alumni are our history and our strength, and it feels great to reconnect.

If you have never attended a reunion party, then please join us this year. It's a lot of fun! The reunion will be held at the school this year on Saturday November 2.

If you have attended the alumni reunion before, then make sure you join us again in 2013! Eagles Forever!

God Bless you, Denise Spells


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Alumni Reunion 2013

Mark your calendar for the 2013 St. Ethelreda School alumni reunion party:

2013 Alumni Reunion Party

Saturday November 2, 2013

at St. Ethelreda School

More information is available at our website:

Alum Chat: Diane Blue, class of 1981

Editor: Hi Diane! I have two sets of questions for you; one for the alumni reunion and one as an alum. What can alumni expect at this year's reunion?
Diane Blue: This reunion will bring fellow alums closer and will increase our current database.

Ed: You're the class of 1981, but which class do you think will have the highest turnout?
Diane: I'll predict 1969. That class is very active.

Ed: How will this alumni reunion be different?
Diane: Each year, we target more alums, which makes each event more successful.

Diane Blue

Ed: What is your best memory of St. Ethelreda?
Diane: I attended St. E for 7th and 8th grade. My best memory would have to be the graduation trip to Wisconsin Dells.

Ed: What were your education accomplishments after St. Ethelreda?
Diane: I graduated from Curie High School and attended Northwestern University majoring in Executive Accounting.

Ed: Tell us about your profession.
Diane: I currently work in Accounting for a major hotel chain.

Ed: Thank you, Diane. We'll see you at the alumni reunion party this November 2nd!

Inside the classroom: Mr. Teacher

St. Ethelreda is proud to have two excellent male teachers leading our faculty: Mr. Cooper 4th grade and Mr. Luster 5th grade.

Mr.Luster and Mr. Cooper
Mr. Luster (left) and Mr. Cooper (right)

Editor: Gentlemen, thank you for your time today. How long have you been teaching at St. Ethelreda? And how did you get your start here?
Mr. Cooper: It's been 12 years for me. I came here from a school that was closing.
Mr. Luster: 9 years. I knew Mrs. Spells, and I taught her daughter. When I heard that she was the principal here, I applied.

Ed: Guys, you’re out-numbered by female faculty members. What is it like being male teachers?
Cooper: But we’re not out-strengthed! [laughing]
Luster: In my opinion, I’m learning a lot from Mr. Cooper. Men have a different perspective. In some areas, we can be a little more stern. That can help some of the boys at school.
Cooper: Two things. One of them is… if you have taught the parent, they already know you’re approach. I have about 5 students this year where I taught their parent. Second, when you have a new student that hasn’t had a male teacher, they’re excited. Even girl students are interested in having a male teacher because it’s a new thing.

Ed: You teach 4th grade and 5th grade. What do you like most about students at this age?
Cooper: They're still inquisitive. I like that they realize there's a lot more to learn.
Luster: And they're old enough to understand some of the higher-level concepts.

Ed: What's your favorite sports team?
Cooper: It's a tie: Sox, Celtics and Raiders.
Luster: Bears without a doubt. And then, the Bulls. Bears and Bulls... that's it.

Ed: Mr. Cooper and Mr. Luster, thank you so much for the interview!

Alum Chat: John T. Long, class of 1963

John Long is an accomplished St. Ethelreda alumnus with a twist. He has done important work as part of the Big Shoulders Fund, which is a big supporter of St. Ethelreda School. Read on!

John T. Long

Editor: Hello, John. When did you graduate from St. Ethelreda?
John Long: I attended St. Ethelreda from 1st through 6th grades and then my family moved to Most Holy Redeemer parish in Evergreen Park where I completed 7th and 8th grades. I graduated from there in 1963.

Ed: 50 years ago! What stands out from your time at St Ethelreda?
John: I vividly remember how crowded it was. It was so crowded that several classes were split into multiple rooms. It was routine to have more than 50 students in a class, but I don’t remember it ever being a problem.

Ed: You participated in the Big Shoulders Lend-A-Shoulder day recently. How was that?
John: It was a great time. When I heard that St. Ethelreda was part of the Lend-A-Shoulder program, I said, “Shoot, I want to go!”

Ed: We love Big Shoulders. What are your other connections to the Big Shoulders Fund?
John: Well, I have been on the Big Shoulders Fund Board since about 2000. My wife Beth and I started the first Big Shoulders golf outing, which is a wonderful event that has grown every year since.

Ed: Outstanding! Thank you, John.

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