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May 2013 - Eagles Forever!

Welcome from Principal Spells Principal Spells

Welcome to all St. Ethelreda Alumni! As principal of St. Ethelreda School for 20 years, I have met many of you. It always brings me joy to see happy faces returning to visit our school. In this spirit, I welcome you to the first edition of our St. Ethelreda Alumni Newsletter.

I have two hopes with this newsletter. First, I hope to keep a strong connection with all our students, present and past. Second, I hope to show that, as an alumnus, you can still impact St. Ethelreda through our Eagles Forever Scholarship Fund. Our school is strong. Your donations make us stronger.

At the beginning of each day at St. Ethelreda, we pray together. The family that prays together, stays together. As an alumnus, you are an important part of the St. Ethelreda family.

God Bless you, Denise Spells


You can have an incredible impact at St. Ethelreda School!

Our alumni donations fuel the Eagle Forever Scholarship Program. This program provides tuition for students that struggle financially to stay in school. Families are awarded scholarships based on need and academics.

Please donate online using the donate button below. St. Ethelreda uses an online payment service called This service is similar to Paypal and is used by many Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. This payment service is private, secure, and accommodates credit card or other electronic payment options.

Your donation makes St. Ethelreda possible for students in need. Thank you!

Alumni Reunion 2013

Held last October, the 2012 reunion party was a great success and was attended by more than 180 St. Ethelreda alumni and friends.

Diane Blue is our Alumni Reunion leader: “We had a very nice crowd last year. I look forward to this year's Alumni Reunion being even better!”

When a date is set for the 2013 party, we'll let you know at the St. Ethelreda website:

Alum Chat: Lolitha (Yates) McKinney, class of 95

Editor: Hello Lolitha! Do you have a favorite memory from your time at St. Ethelreda School?
Lolitha: Definitely, the roller skating parties. It was so fun and we really looked forward to doing it every other month.

Ed: You are St. Ethelreda, class of 1995. Can you tell us about your academics after St. Eth?
Lolitha: Well, I went for a couple of years to Mother McAuley and ultimately graduated from Gwendolyn Brooks Prep. I went on to Old Dominion University for a degree in Finance. Then, I studied at Troy University in Alabama to get my Master's Degree in Public Administration.

Lolitha McKinney

Ed: That's great! What kind of job do you have now?
Lolitha: I work for the Department of Defense as a contracting officer. I administer research and development contracts for the U.S. Navy.

Ed: You're a member of the School Board at St. Ethelreda. How did that come about?
Lolitha: I was at the alumni reunion last October, and Marge Cain invited me to join the Board. I accepted, and I am learning a lot in my time there.

Ed: Thank you, Lolitha. It was very nice to meet you. Would you like to be co-editor of this newsletter?
Lolitha: [laughing] Yes. I thought you'd never ask!

Inside the classroom: Science Lab

“We have new microscopes, scales, dissection kits and more! The students really enjoy using them. It makes a big difference in the learning process,” says St. Ethelreda science teacher Ms. Finn.

Science students using their microscope.

Ms. Finn's labs are known at St. Ethelreda as both inventive and challenging. She described to us three recent labs completed by her upper grade students.

You can find more information on Ms. Finn's science lab and many more photos here:

Science Lab photo set
Students working in the science lab

Alum Chat: Teresa McCartin, class of 1969

Ed: Hello Teresa. What is your best memory of your school years at St. Ethelreda?
Teresa: I can’t really pinpoint the best as there are so many good ones! I think that I was very blessed to attend St Ethelreda and am very grateful for the friendships forged there.

Ed: What is one thing that you want your fellow alums to know?
Teresa: I would want my fellow alums to know that St. E is still open and under the excellent care/direction of Mrs. Spells.

Ed: You were very involved in making last year's reunion a success, right?
Teresa: I would like to thank those alumni who attended the reunion last year, especially those who travelled great distances. We had wonderful volunteers last year, including: Tom Davis, Karen & Steve Fishback, Patrick & Ann McCartin, Kristen Pirelli, Ed Fahey, Tom Butler, Steven Doyle, Pam Jefferson and Patrick Connelly. We were fortunate that many local businesses pitched in as well. I'm looking forward to this year's reunion.

Ed: Thank you, Teresa!

Teresa McCartin, class of 1969

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Editors: Bill Krieger ( and Lolitha McKinney.