Archdiocese of Chicago

St. Ethelreda is proud to be one of the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools.

The home for Archdiocese of Chicago schools is:

"Working with Principal Spells and her teachers, her fine Board, and Benedictine University is a powerful experience: they know what it means to serve and make a real difference to a community."
- Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Cardinal George visits St. Ethelreda

Benedictine University

St. Ethelreda has a very special partnership with Benedictine University of Lisle, IL. This partnership has strengthened St. Ethelreda by bringing Benedictine's expertise in education methods directly to our students.

Professors from Benedictine participate in the classroom to bring world-class instruction to St. Ethelreda's math and science program. The instructors use a real-world approach called problem-based learning. This approach make difficult subjects like science and math more understandable and interesting to St. Ethelreda's students.

St. Ethelreda's Board is chaired by Prof. James Pelech, an esteemed education professor from Benedictine University. Our Board is also honored by three other faculty members from Benedictine: Dr. Meshelda Jackson, and Dr. Ovid Wong.

Big Shoulders Fund

The Big Shoulders Fund is a good friend of St. Ethelreda School! The charitable organization provides support to Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago.

The Big Shoulders Fund website is at:

Principal Spells

For years now, Big Shoulders has been a strong supporter of St. Ethelreda School.

"St. Ethelreda School is very important to the Big Shoulders Fund because it serves so many great families in the Auburn Gresham community. The school has always been a place where children are cared for and loved, and where they’ve succeeded in building well-rounded students with great character."
- John Moran, Big Shoulders Fund

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Other schools

We have a wonderful relationship with many other Catholic schools in the Chicago area. Here is a list of some of these friends of St. Ethelreda: