Student Clubs at St. Ethelreda

St. Ethelreda's student clubs give our students a wide range of extra-curricular activities from which to choose.

Altar Services

Supervisor: Sr. Bruno, 6th grade teacher

Any student, Catholic or non-Catholic, male or female, in grades 4-8 may sign up to become an altar server. Altar servers assist the priest at Mass. Students are trained during regular school hours.

Chess Team

Supervisor: Mr. Luster, 5th grade teacher

Students in the chess team are taught everything from chess basics to advanced strategy. The team practices weekly and travels to a number of chess competitions during the year as well.

Eagle Way Student Blog

Supervisor: Bill Krieger, webmaster

The Eagle Way is a student-run blog that chronicles life at St. Ethelreda School. Students contribute to the Eagle Way in many different ways, including: blog design, photography, editing, drawing, interviewing faculty or students for stories, running school contests, and more. The Eagle Way usually meets Wednesdays after school.

The Eagle Way blog is at:

Gospel Choir

Supervisor: Mr. Thomas, music teacher

All students in grades K-8 are invited to join Gospel Choir. These students sing at Liturgical Celebrations, at Christmas programs, and for students at other schools. Students typically practice on Wednesday after school from 3:15 to 4:30pm.

St. Ethelreda chess team

Leadership Class

Supervisor: Mrs. Pass, 8th grade teacher

This club is comprised of students who strive to put God first in their daily lives. They are also leaders among their peers. Boys and girls in grades 3-8 are eligible to participate.

Safety Patrol

Supervisors: Ms. Finn, 7th grade teacher and Mrs. Leonard, 3rd grade teacher

Students in grades 5-8 may sign up for safety patrol. Each student will have a specific week assigned during which he/she must fulfill a given set of patrol duties. It is the students' responsibility to be at the assigned post on time with the patrol belt visible.

Student Council

Supervisors: Mrs. Griffin, kindergarten teacher and Mrs. Boatman, kindergarten aide

Students in the school have representation via their elected Student Council officers. Students in grades 3-8 are invited to join Student Council and attend the bi-weekly council meetings.