Book Report Island 2013

Book Report Island is a special, new section of our library that is stocked with nearly 400 new books. These books were recently donated to St. Ethelreda. Students checking out these new books later submit a book report. And we chronicle some of this fun/action here.

Instead of just describing how Book Report Island works, please follow along with the pictures of students checking out new books.

Click on photos for a full-size version.

Thank you to the people who made Book Report Island possible.

Here's the complete list of our donors:
Book Report Island Donor List

The Book Report Island process:

1. Checkout a new book
2. Read the book
3. Return with a book report

The Island.

Extra Island books on the wall shelf

Book Report Island mascot: Louie Z!

Mrs. Pass and students

There's a lot of student interest in 2nd languages, including sign language

First grade readers!

Library poster exalting our Book Report Island readers!

Student tickets to visit Book Report Island

Book reports are streaming in... these will be posted soon here on the library page

Second grade readers!

Over 100 book reports have been written by our students as part of Book Report Island!!

Here are just a few.

Click on them to see the full-size version.

Kedrick, 3rd grade - Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Damien, 3rd grade - Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Eriana, 3rd grade - Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express

Chanelle, 4th grade - Nate and the Big Top

Tre, 4th grade - Football by Peter King

Jayla, 1st grade - Fancy Nancy

Two classes received special Book Report Island recognition. In 1st grade and 3rd grade, every student submitted a book report!

For their impressive efforts, Sister Mary and the 1st grade had a pizza lunch. Mrs. Leonard and her 3rd grade students enjoyed popcorn and a movie. It was a lot of fun and the pictures follow!

1st grade readers!

Sister Mary and her 1st grade readers!

Mrs. Leonard and her 3rd grade readers!

A very nice thank you note from 3rd grader student Eriana D. She's hiding behind the note... camera shy. Ha!

More coming soon...